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Welcome to CANA Placement Agency

In its decades of experience in the field of overseas employment, C.A.N.A. has given a firm assurance of its ability to meet the requirements, rules and regulations of concerned Philippine government agencies in the performance of its task. With its track record of efficient operations, it has continually developed its assets and resources to satisfy the exacting demands and expectations of its growing clientele in foreign countries.

C.A.N.A. provides men and women of caliber who can render excellent service. This is the guiding principle that serves to affirm our company's policy to provide competent workers and dedicated men and women who best reflect the Filipino's ability to render excellent service in various fields of work.

C.A.N.A. provides opportunity for qualified professionals and skilled workers to be recognized abroad with their skills and talents and earn reasonable compensation according to their job qualifications.

Foreign principals seeking overseas workers in the Philippines can be assured that C.A.N.A. provides the best and most qualified employees for any position. The companys state policy was envisioned to ensure the development of skills and to the careful selection of migrant workers desiring to work overseas. Professionals and skilled workers undergo a strict evaluation and screening guidelines to ensure that they are physically, mentally and technically fit for the job being applied for. Guaranteed to provide the most efficient and reliable service among the top recruitment agencies in the country.

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